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Alex Montgomery

Co-Founder, Lead Developer, Designer
Nickname: Skinny

Lee McIntosh

Co-Founder, Art Director, Designer
Nickname: Leefus

Orie Rush

Designer, Illustrator, Animator
Nickname: Oriesan


If you are visiting this site for the first time, you may be wondering what we’re all about here at Dyad games. Well, we have put together some frequently asked questions that no-one has asked us yet. So grab some Ramen and let’s have a chat.

How did Dyad Games start?

Lee: I’m not really sure to be honest. Oh Wait, I remem…

Alex: We were at our friend’s house and both of us were playing flash games on our laptops when we came across a game called “Gangsta Bean 2.” We both found it incredibly hilarious and awesome all at the same time. We started joking around about making our own game.

Lee: Needless to say, us joking around led to us actually following through with a couple ideas that we had.

Why Dyad?

Lee: Like, how did we come up with the name?

Alex: We seriously didn’t have a name for like the first year. It wasn’t until a week and a half ago on January 15th, that we agreed on the name dyad.

Lee: We mainly chose it simply because it means a group of two.

Who does what?

Lee: I create the majority of the graphics you’ll see.

Alex: And I make it all work.

Lee: Pretty much.

Alex: But i mean we both collaborate on ideas. Sometimes though, we’ll fight over something really small for a long time until we reach an agreement. And for some reason it seems to always be about the size of an object. Like whether a target should be 50 pixels or 42.

Lee: Or that a certain rocket launcher is way too large for the character to carry and should be sized down.

Alex: Lee, now is not the time to discuss this.

Orie: Hey guys.

Lee: Oh hey!

Alex: Yo!

Lee: Guys, this is Orie. He chimes in with fancy artwork as well as animation goodness.

Orie: Yessir.

So what does Dyad have in store for the future?

Lee: We are currently working on a roadmap so you can see what we’re up to.

Alex: Check here for updates.

Who are your biggest influences?

Alex: Blizzard and Valve are incredible. Valve is always keeping in touch with thier community in Team Fortress 2 with mods, addressing the community and all around analyzing character classes and balancing the mechanics of the game. Blizzard uses time and effort to produce outstanding visual and core elements.

Lee: Ready for some cheese? It’s these guys i work with. Both of them have helped push me artistically for so many years. Whenever I’m in a creative rut, they always seem to have the right piece of criticism and encouragement I need to keep me going.

What video games inspire you?

Lee: I would have to say the games that I grew up on. I would spend hours at a time playing the early Tony Hawk series. Also games like Starfox 64, Rogue Squadron, and then finally my favorite game through high school, NBA Street.

Alex: Same here, definitely Super Mario Bros. series along with the Mega Man series. So if our games start to seem impossible, it’s probably because of Mega Man.

Lee: Orie, what about you?

Orie: Halo. Halo. Oh, and Halo. No, but lately I’ve really enjoyed Titan Fall.

Is there anything else I should know?

Lee: Well, we love music and the three of us make up the band Oddepoxy.

Orie: You can snag our tunes on Bandcamp.

Alex: I love Mac n’ Cheese.