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Apartment Pictures

By December 9, 2010November 11th, 2014Uncategorized

So it’s about time we took you on a tour of the glorious apartment where all the magic happens. So put on your Limited Edition Dyad Games T-Shirt (TBA) and let’s go:

This is the door. We live above a pizza parlor and some other dudes.

This is our living room. (Not Pictured: Broken windows seeping in cold air)

This is the Smash Bros Station on the right, as well as the Xbox fort on the left.

This is my Desk. It’s where most of the coding happens, as well as some motion graphics and obscure anime series.
This is Lee’s Desk. Web and Graphic Design are often found here. It also substitutes as a Family Guy and the Cleveland Show entertainment center.

This is Orie’s Desk. Inside you’ll see hand drawn art, graphic design and photography. (No mac jokes here folks)

Well that about sums up the tour! Keep your eyes peeled for Kamakura updates as its becoming closer than ever!