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Design: Dyad Games Website Update – 2017

By January 23, 2017January 31st, 2017Design
Dyad Games 2017 Website Design Update

New year, new website design!

It’s that time again where every couple years we take a step back and think about how we can freshen up the website design to make it cleaner and simpler than the last.


Probably the biggest change to the site is navigation. We’ve moved the main navigation bar to the left. If you hover over the Games tab you’ll see that we now made it easier for quick glances at all our games and what they’re about with links to download each one! Currently, this experience is slightly different on mobile devices which we are looking into how to improve it.

Games Page

We’ve now added filtering to the games page to make for quickly viewing the type of games you enjoy. This will become increasingly useful as our library grows, which you can look forward to happening throughout this year! We’ve got some new ideas in the works.


As some of you may know, we have physical merchandise for our card game Kamakura. You can view and purchase on our Etsy story here In the coming months, we’ll be making these items available to purchase directly from our site which is something we’ve be aching to add for quite some time.


One of the main reasons we wanted to update the site was that the previous theme was hard coded and not so easy to update. We’ve since moved to using a premium theme with a visual page editor which makes for quicker changes and a more modular design. This will allow us to deliver more content to you faster!


Our lead developer, Alex Montgomery, has been streaming his development process for the past view years now and we wanted to make it easy for people to know when he’s live if they haven’t yet followed his channel. Which you totally should here! Now when Alex is live you’ll see a blinking light notification at the top right of the site. Click that and you’ll head right over to his channel.

Going Forward

Keep in mind that we are still making tweaks to the design here and there. Let us know in the comments what changes you’d like to see to help us make the site even more engaging and easy to use. We love hearing valuable feedback from the community! We’re extremely exciting for 2017 and are working to make it a memorable one!

Dyad Games Website Update

Dyad Games Plans for 2017