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We partner with influencers to make great game experiences at no cost to you.

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What is it?

The Dyad Games Influencer Program is an amazing opportunity we offer social influencers to develop and publish your game at no financial cost to you. We look at partnering with highly influential YouTubers, Twitch Streamers and Social Celebrities and help them create fun relevant games. We opt for a revenue share system so that both parties end up successful.

What are the benefits?

With 10+ years in the mobile gaming space, we’ve streamlined the game publishing process to be efficient and agile. Our More Games network can get more users to your app by sharing the traffic from our other successful titles such as Cooke Swirl World.

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Developer & Publisher – If approved for the Dyad Games Influencer Program, you will receive the benefits from both our developer & publisher programs.
More Games Network – Games will be shown off in our More Games Browser to share traffic among titles. Our Network is on track to have over 120,000+ impressions annually. Find out More
No SignUp/Annual Fees – No Initial Google Play signup fee and No annual App Store fees.
Platform Maintenance – We’ll continually update the provided APKs on Google Play as well as package files to the App Store.
Organic App Store SEO– Gain additional traffic through our App Developer pages. We’ll also use top software to analyze your game description & tags giving you the best possible search visibility.
Website Landing Page – Games in our network receive a landing page with game information as well as a blog post promoting and providing backlinks. On track to do over 250,000+ unique visitors annually.
Social Media Influence – We’ll create promotional video and social content posts across our social media platforms & beyond.
Consultation – We want to see you succeed, so send us an email, text or phone call for our professional advice with over a decade of game development & game design experience.
Branding Umbrella – Our brand opens up the ability to talk to sponsors and partners while having finesse and power of the Dyad Games brand behind you.

Cookie Swirl World

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How can you develop at no cost?

We see the value in influencers and their audiences. We take on the debt of production and risk with the knowledge that the game has the potential to make revenue in multitudes higher than what it cost. We calculate risk based on an influencers audience size and quality. Revenue is then split between Dyad Games and the influencer to recoup our initial investment in your brand. In short, we help monetize your brand and grow your audience.

How many Influencers have been in the program?

We developed and published Cookie Swirl World in Late December of 2018 to prove our no cost business model. It’s been a great success and now we’re opening the doors to even more influencers!

What if I’m not a gamer or don’t have a game idea?

No worries! No matter your industry or primary social media outlet, we evaluate your brand in order to create a game experience that’s tailored to support your image and appeal to your audience.

How many Subscribers / Followers do I need to be considered?

While there’s many variables we consider, we’re typically looking at YouTubers & Twitch Streamers with over 250,000 subscribers or higher, and Social Influencers with more than 200,000 followers. Obviously the stronger the audience, the more you’ll be considered for the program this year.

How long before I know I’ve been accepted?

Please allow us up to two weeks to apply to our program applications. If you still haven’t heard from us by then please follow up with our contact us page.

What kind of game genres do you develop?

While we’re most familiar with casual, puzzle, arcade and card games, we’re more than capable of tackling any type of game genre.

I have a question not listed in the FAQ.

Please fill out the form below and we will answer any questions you may have regarding the Dyad Games Development Program.

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We currently only accepting influencers based on a number of criteria that we feel is important to the success of the project. For example, if you are a YouTuber, we’ll be looking for 250K+ Subscribers & looking at Social Blade to see how active the YouTube channel is.