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What is
Dyad Games?

Dyad Games is a small independent game studio from Mansfield, OH founded in 2008. Since then we’ve released 7 game titles between steady jobs, and with 8 years of game development experience, we’re ready to go full time.

What have
you done?

We’ve had a strong focus on Mobile Games in the past, but have recently extended our reach to PC with a desired aim at Console Gamers. Our most recent title is the hyper polished, over-the-top clone Flappy Defense, released on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, PC, Mac and HTML5.

What’s in store
for the future?

We’d love to get a jump on multiplayer games. Whether its Local Play or working cross compatible for users around the world, it’s something we’re passionate about moving forward. We currently have 1 project open for funding that we’d love to bring your attention to. Feel free to scroll down below to read more.

What is
Project Aura?

Project Aura is a fantasy multiplayer platforming game in which players can either cooperate in an adventurous expidition through procedurally generated worlds or battle in an arena mode in which players duke it out for fast paced glory.
*All graphics & gameplay are not finalized

What platforms will
it be on?

We are currently focusing for a (Windows + Mac) Steam Release. Once well recieved on Steam, we’ll aim for a full console release. Although these are our current plans, we are open to alternatives like temporary exclusivity and mobile platform integration present & future.

What else does this
project offer?

Project Aura will feature a randomized overworld along with a chunk based level system for the highest replayability. Local & Networked Multiplayer is a definite must as we want players to team up against all odds, slaying monsters and improving their heroes.

What’s unique about
this title?

With a 2D chunk based system, an alternate Game Mode is planned where players have a Dungeon Master that lays out the levels & monsters the Heroes must overcome. The Heroes must also band together to navigate past enemy hordes and defeat player controlled bosses.
*Stylus is concept & subject to change

Why will this
project succeed?

The core engine of the game is already done and we’d be happy to give you a demo. We are seeking funding to help speed up the development process and expanding our resources for visual and audio material. We’ve already started.

How does this title
appeal to gamers?

This title appeals to gamers through fast slick platforming like in Super Meat Boy, with cooperative roleplay & story elements similair to Castle Crashers, and with procedural terrain chunks and randomized enemies similar to Terraria or Minecraft.

Why not use
crowd funding?

While we’re not at all opposed to crowd funding in addition to or in the future, but crowd funding has gotten fairly.. crowded, and it can be hard to stand out without a half completed game, high polish, and marketing power on launch.

Who can fund
these projects?

We are open to funding from platform developers, publishers, entrepreneurs & angel investors. Feel free to use the contact form below if you have any questions regarding a project opening or if funding has been met already.

What are the platforms
you can export to?

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, Web and mobile with HTML5, Desktop with Windows, Windows 8, Universtal Windows Platform (Tablet, PC, Windows Phone etc) Mac OSX, Ubuntu, and Console with Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita or PlayStation®3 & Nintendo Wii U through HTML5 & additional frameworks.

How do you engage with the
Gaming Community?

When developing, we usually do LIVE streams which is a great way to get passionate QA and feedback from gamers. We restream to over 10 different services simultaneously.

We can also read chat commands from IRC allowing game altering text such as voting on decisions or trying to sabotage the players.

Will you work on other projects
or intellectual properties?

Absolutely. Just contact us using the form below to talk more in person. Members of our team have worked alongside companies from Cinncinnati, Ohio to Las Vegas, Nevada.

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