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Kamakura Kickstarter & Italy in Italics

By May 14, 2011November 12th, 2014Uncategorized

Hey if you haven’t already, you can check out our new Kickstarter for Kamakura.

“Kamakura is our new card game of feudal japanese warfare in which you attempt to defeat an opponent by taking their territories before they take yours. This is done by carefully choosing combinations of weapons, soldiers, and arrow barrages to attack with while defending your own territories with a myriad of defensive techniques. Strategy, deception, and bravery will be your most valuable assets in the complex and varied game of Kamakura.

Also we went all out by making a motion graphic How To Play, Sleek Website and Free Art Wallpapers. You better get your butt over to:

In the music realm we’re mixing one of our songs “Italy in Italics”. You should expect this beauty in less than a week…