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Cookie Swirl World 1.2 Beta Updates

By December 12, 2018July 22nd, 2019Uncategorized

We want to make sure we squash all the bugs and give the best experience possible. Below is a list of our patch changes for Cookie Swirl World, that you can follow if you’re into that sort of thing.

v1.2.0   12/11/18

Added Bug Report Button In Settings
Added Delete Save Button In Settings (Triple Popup To Prevent Accidental Delete!)
Added Shop Link from Toys, Closet, Fridge
Pets Now Properly Stay In Original Room After Opening Toybox, Fridge, Closet, Bathtub
Fixed Scrolling Through Items After Opening Toybox, Fridge, Closet
Pets Can Be Fed While Sleeping
Starting Items Added To Tutorial
Timer Bug Exploit Fixed
Fixed Highscores Showing Wrong Values
Cookie Designer Now Shows 1000 Points Always
Cookie Designer Now Allows For Tapping Or Dragging Ingredients
Fixed Cookie Designer Finger Position Drag
Fixed Food Eating Animation
Fixed News Prompt Trigger
Fixed Alpha On Button Text
Fixed Match 3 Out Of Bounds Bug
Fixed Item Wearing Slot Bug
Tweaked Lvl 6 Donut Delivery Level
Fixed Dyad Games Social Youtube Link
Fixed Hospital Arrow Not Appearing
Tweaked Credits
Various Dialogue & Text Fixes
Various Optimizations