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New Game “Keep Up” on Slow Rollout for Google Play | iOS

By June 20, 2017July 12th, 2017Uncategorized

Slow Rollout

We want to make sure we squash all the bugs and give the best experience possible before we being advertising. Below is a list of our patch changes for Keep Up, that you can follow if you’re into that sort of thing. Header over to the Keep Up game page to learn more.

v1.1.3   7/12/2017
Greatly Improved FPS on Lower end devices
Auto Scaling Included for Tablets & Smart Watches.
Pachinko Screen FPS Improved.
Background Flattened for FPS improvements.
Back Button can close Interstitial Ad.
Leaderboard Button properly submits High Score
Share Image Shows off Current Skin.

v1.1.1   6/19/2017
Streaming Notification when Live on Twitch
Video Ad Prompt at Pachinko Screen when low Currency
Fixed Share Bonus not working sometimes
Google Signing added to GPS API

v1.0.7   6/19/2017
Video Ad now shows proper value if you have a x2 bonus
Fixed Star PowerUp %Chance of Stars back to 100% for 4 Seconds
Fixed URL link to Website in More Games.
Leaderboards & Achievements should be properly Initialised

v1.0.6   6/18/2017
Fixed Ads not Initiating
Back Button works properly in More Games Overlay
Floor Powerup looks more like a floor than a laser
Tapping on Star HUD takes you to Pachinko Screen
Modified Share Image Text Colors
Show 100 Currency is needed for pull if below that amount on entering Pachinko screen
X2 Stars Bonus also spawns stars as well
Unlocking a skin also plays it’s SFX
Tutorial now shows X when you can escape
Gift Max time is now 24 Hours & 80 Currency
Star spawn rate toned down
Removed Customize menu sometimes repeating SFX