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Publishing Program

We have the dedicated fanbase to make your game shine.

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What is it?

The Dyad Games Publishing Program is designed to increase the visibility of mobile games with great potential that haven’t had a chance in the spotlight. We’ll be investing in your advertising budget, increasing organic traffic with our More Games Network, Social Media & Web Traffic, as well as updating for maintenance and giving you consultation from our decade of game development & publishing experience.

What are the benefits of publishing with Dyad Games?

With 10+ years in the mobile gaming space, we’ve streamlined the game publishing process to be efficient and agile. Our More Games network can get more users to your app by sharing the traffic from our other successful titles such as Cooke Swirl World.

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Advertising & Marketing – We’ll put down a determinate amount of money toward marketing your game title. We’ll form a case study as we cast a wide net using many ad types like banner, rewarded video and even playable ads. If we see positive Returns on Acquisition Costs we’ll be open to lend money for even more advertising at 0% interest letting you scale exponentially.
More Games Network – Games will be shown off in our More Games Browser to share traffic among all our game titles. Our Network is on track to have over 120,000+ impressions annually from Cookie Swirl World alone. Getting into our More Games Network ensures you’ll continually receive users long after your game launch. Find out More
No SignUp/Annual Fees – No initial or annual store fees means less stress and more revenue on your end.
Organic App Store SEO– Gain additional traffic through our App Developer pages. We’ll also use top software to analyze your game description & tags giving you the best possible search visibility.
Public Relations– Relax as you steer any public relations our way from customer questions, complaints and fan-mail to potential brand deals and merchandising.
Website Landing Page – Games in our network receive a landing page with game information as well as a blog post promoting and providing backlinks. On track to do over 250,000+ unique visitors annually.
Social Media Influence – We’ll create or use existing promotional graphic, video and social content to post to our dedicated followers across our social media platforms & beyond.
Consultation – We want to see you succeed, so send us an email, text or phone call for our professional advice with over a decade of game development & game design experience.
Branding Umbrella – Our brand opens up the ability to talk to sponsors and partners while having finesse and power of the Dyad Games brand behind you.
Store Pages -We’ll offer you top designs with the most eye catching videos and screenshots. Eye catching app icons for Google Play & The App Store or knock out banner ads for Steam and Epic Launcher.

Cookie Swirl World

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What if I already released my game?

Not a problem! In fact if you find you’re not getting the kind of exposure you deserve, feel free to submit your game as we look into a relaunch.

Can I just sell you my game?

We do consider outright buying certain games if we find it aligns with our business goals. Factors we look at are developer workload and difficult communication.

How long before I know I’ve been accepted?

Please allow us up to two weeks to apply to our program applications. If you still haven’t heard from us by then please follow up with our contact us page.

I have a question not listed in the FAQ.

Please fill out the form below and we will answer any questions you may have regarding the Dyad Games Development Program.

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Have a great idea for a game?

Join our Dyad Games Development Program.

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We currently only accept games based on a number of criteria that we feel is important to our brand. We strive to include games that are easy to jump in and play; games that include rather than exclude new players. We look for games that have potential with new approaches to gameplay or designs that really shine through.