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Shuriken Showdown 1,000,000 Impressions!

By January 19, 2012January 20th, 2017Uncategorized
Around this time two years ago Alex and I had locked ourselves away in my old crappy apartment for a whole month set out to do one thing, create a Flash game. Neither of us had worked a great deal in Flash before so this was the main challenge. Through the gnashing of teeth, and pulling of hair, we fought through the silliness and were able to create something we were both proud of.
We rarely saw the sun for those 30+ days due to all the windows being covered with blankets not to block out the light but to stay warm. The room we were in was a small 10×10 room with nothing but white walls, our computers, sleeping bags, a couple instruments, and the space heater. And the only time we went outside was for a milk run to Meier at 2am. We went through more strawberry/chocolate milk than I care to count, while nourishing ourselves with frozen chicken patties and white rice. During this month we were both focused on one goal more than we’ve ever been.
Needless to say the game was completed and has continued to grow over the years, climbing its way up to 1,000,000 impressions with the hopes of the same amount of game plays to follow. Keep your eyes open for the NEW Shuriken Showdown app for the iPad which will hopefully be released later this year!