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Watch our new game develop!

By April 26, 2015January 20th, 2017Uncategorized

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Here’s our dev checklist for today. Stop by and ask questions!

Fix Purple Bird Boss Freakout on Pipe & Gold Pipe
10k placement
Hotkeys – Set Speedup To Spacebar (tooltip)
Cap the White Mod on Damage
Coin graphic grey when cant afford
HTML5 – so we use gm scoreboard
Max Text Displayed
P for Pause
Leaderboards – Working for Android, not
disable cursor in mobile mode

Here’s what we’ve added to the previous build.

Fixed BG Pixel
Lowered Ball Size Cost from 20 to 15
Created Callender Icon
Daily Bonus for Mobile!
Recode Time to Get from Internet
Save Bonus Exp State
Added Black Pipe – ShadowKillr1904
Decrease Boss Scaling by 2, Increase Base HP by 30